Arlance Research has state-of-the-art outsourced facilities accessible 24 hours per day in 9 countries...



During the last 6 years, Arlance has developed a number of solutions that have great potential commercial value...



Our current projects include application to secure mobile phones and deter potential attacks from within the cyberspace.


The Future

Arlance Research has always welcomed new developements and encourages fresh thinking in any area of interest.


Recent Research Results

We have in partnership with Tango, Brazil released new layer of internet security providing device connectivity authorisation using its patent pending machine ID system. Tango Server also provides data and file protection between devices via its random encryption mechanisms. Read More...

Research Interests

  • Mobile Phone Security
  • Document Management
  • Satelite Communications
  • Field mobile targeting systems
  • Website security
  • Personal Electronic tagging
  • Track and trace of vehicles
  • Assisting search and rescue
  • Penetration Testing

About Us

Arlance is a privately funded research and developement company that primarily focuses on security solutions.  We devise, test and develop cyber security strategies for all and anyone interested and who find alignment with our research projects.